About the Artisan & Crafts category

Artisan & Crafts

Handcrafted Heritage, Modern Creativity

The Artisan & Crafts subcategory is a celebration of the hands and hearts that shape our community’s culture. Here, the timeless tradition of craftsmanship meets contemporary artistry. Local artisans from the Bay of Islands showcase their skills, offering goods steeped in personal stories and the spirit of our locale.


  • Unique Artworks: From pottery to painting, sculpture to metalwork, each piece tells a tale of inspiration.
  • Craft Workshops: Engage with creators through workshops and classes, where you can learn their craft and carry on our community’s rich artisanal legacy.
  • Custom Creations: Commission one-of-a-kind items made to your specifications, perfect for gifting or adding a touch of local artistry to your home.

By supporting our artisans, you contribute to a vibrant community culture that values authenticity and craftsmanship.