Sections of Corner Brook Stream Trail inaccessible due to flooding

As a result of the recent heavy rainfall event and snowmelt, Mill Brook has overflowed its banks in some sections of the Corner Brook Stream Trail.

Some sections of trail are currently flooded, and there is evidence of a previously higher water level during the peak of the rain and runoff.

As of the most recent information, the following sections of the trail are impassable:

  • Main Street to Brook Street near the pedestrian foot bridge
  • Glynmill Inn pond between the Glynnill Inn Pond info sign and the bench near the deadwood tree.

Additionally, the City of Corner Brook has advised of the closure of the following sections of streets:

  • Riverside Drive between Humber Road and Ballam Bridge
  • O’Connel Drive between Boone’s Road and Bliss Street

If you know of other trails or roads that are impassible, please reply and share details and images.