Yoga Nidra Sessions at Homestead Wellness & Coaching

Homestead Wellness & Coaching offers Yoga Nidra sessions, a practice for anyone seeking stress reduction, improved sleep, and emotional healing among other benefits. Ideal for first responders, health care professionals, teachers, students, parents, and everyone interested in well-being.

Session Details:

  • 8 Classes: In-person and online availability
  • Schedule: Wednesdays, 2024-01-31T23:15:00Z to March 27
  • End Time: 8:30 pm NST
  • Location: CC Fitness, Veitch Wellness Clinic, 328 O’Connell Dr, Corner Brook
  • Cost: $120+tx

No experience necessary! To book your spot or find out more, email [email protected].

Image Attachment: Poster for Yoga Nidra sessions at Homestead Wellness & Coaching.